The Young Zoologist Series

Welcome to a new series of e-books for young people who want to become tomorrow’s scientists.  We will be concentrating on some of the most interesting and rarest of animals alive in the world today.

There is a great need for hard-working, intelligent young people like you to become field biologists and experts in order to help save some of these magnificent creatures. Only by understanding them can we hope to help them.

You will follow in the footsteps of many famous people such as Jane Goodall, who studied chimpanzees, Diane Fossey, who studied gorillas, and George Schaller, who studied giant pandas.

Nowadays animals are shown every day on television, the internet and in magazines and newspapers. However, most people simply do not realise how extraordinary the lives of these animals can be. How many people actually understand what they are seeing ? Not many.

This will be your job. The world needs dedicated young zoologists to help study and preserve the last remaining animals we have on our unique and wonderful planet.

These e-books will give you a head start towards building up your knowledge of zoology – one of the most interesting and absorbing subjects in modern science.

The first e-book in the series is an Elephant Journal which will be available on Amazon Kindle in April, 2012. The second Journal will focus on leopards. The blog will also act as a forum for the readers of the first in the series where I put the spotlight on a particular animal.

It is my hope that after reading the books your curiosity will encourage you to come to this blog and post questions that I will try and address with the help of friends and experts in the zoo vet world.


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