The Elephant Journal is now ready for download on Amazon

Observational drawings by Henley College student Eleanor C Hill

Observational drawings of elephants

As announced last month, ‘Elephant Journal’ the first of ‘The Young Zoologist’ series written for all wildlife lovers but especially young people who might be considering a  career in zoology or wildlife medicine, is now available on Amazon.  If you are a young person with a driving ambition to study wildlife as a career and dream of following in the footsteps of renowned naturalists such as Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall or Professor Raman Sukumar, then I hope this book will inspire you:

  • What are the different species and types of elephants and the environmental factors which make them distinct?
  • Where can you find pygmy elephants and why are elephants in Namibia different from others?
  • Learn to recognise the danger signals of a charging elephant and discover why male elephants in musth are especially formidable.
  • Read about the largest elephant tusks ever found and why an elephant’s tusks are never the same length.
  • Explore the history, lives and future of working elephants in the forests of Asia and their predicament. Find the latest information on elephant numbers in zoos and how conditions for them have improved.
  • Discover how interactions with elephants can have surprising outcomes: ‘Sometimes elephants contract diseases due to the close relationship between them and the human population. Timber elephants and circus elephants in direct contact with their mahouts or keepers, for example, have contracted human tuberculosis.’

Working with these animals is a huge privilege and this book gives an insight into the dangers and rewards of studying elephants. This book is a first step to joining the ranks of some of the world’s most admired field biologists such as Iain Douglas-Hamilton or Cynthia Moss. The book is also designed as an information portal with links to the best places to see and work with elephants and complements the information and articles here on my blog.  The book contains a number of original sketches of elephants by Henley College student Eleanor Hill as examples of observational drawings.

Have you downloaded the Elephant Journal?  Leave your comments…or reviews here and on Amazon.